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Accessories & Nutrition

Our accessories stock is always changing to keep up with ever-improving products. We carry a variety of accessory and nutrition items to help meet the needs of our varied clientele. If you’re looking for a gift idea for the runner, walker, or fitness enthusiast in your life, ask for our help and recommendations. We also have giftcards.


*Amphipod (Bonney Lake location only)


*Bonk Breaker (Tacoma location only)
*Honey Stinger
*Picky Bar

Insoles: ,


Injury Prevention:

*Addaday (Tacoma location only)
*Blue Steel (Bonney Lake location only)
*Body Glide
*ProTec Athletics
*TigerTail (Bonney Lake location only)
*Trigger Point Technologies



Watches, Lights & Electronic Accessories:

*Black Diamond