2Undr: Underwear for Men

It's time we talk about men's underwear. Quite a few of our male customer's have come in with stories of chaffing and expressing discomfort with their current underwear options. 2Undr is driving the evolution for men's underwear, and we feel it's time to get the word out! 

What's so great about 2Undr? We highlighted some product features below thanks to the help of our friends at 2Undr. 

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 1. The Joey Pouch TM


The Joey Pouch™ is a soft and comfortable environment for your most valuable assets. Constructed with premium fabrics, the pouch delivers the perfect fit while preventing unwanted skin contact (Patent-Pending).

2. The Stitching

The Stitching provides the highest quality finish with a seamless look and feel. Our flatlocked stitching and construction seams are intelligently designed to avoid potential rub zones.

3. ColdskinTM by GarmatexTM

Coldskin™ by Garmatex™ is a high performance thermal reduction fabric that promotes extra cooling where excess heat builds up. This can reduce the body temperature by 3 to 6 degrees.

"The technology used in ColdSkin™ creates a high performance fabric that can absorb a certain amount of heat from key areas and dissipate it to the outer atmosphere. The combination of the fast drying microfiber filaments and the 100% all natural mineral embedded within the filaments helps the body’s own natural air conditioning system regulate these key heat sensitive zones" - This is why we've used this material to line the Joey Pouch™ in Gearshift.

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