Finding Balance

Finding Balance

Spinning plates. I am quite capable, but it takes a dance and lots of coordination. When I first started working at Fleet Feet I was quick to note the crazy plate spinning up in the running factory.  I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just a delicate ability. What am I talking about?  The balance of life.  We recently entered into a new season and my kids started back up in school, plus personal stuff.  The recent transition has jolted me to reassess. I had to get “still”, which is a feat for me since I seem to constantly be on fast-forward. The stillness allows me the space to clear my head and think about how to keep the plates spinning and if I need to edit any out.  I haven’t perfected any of it, I’ve just refined my ability to be aware.

When I listen to my body’s cues it tells me everything.  Honestly I am out of sync. August felt like a bad ultramarathon on a treadmill in the desert. I don’t anticipate many signing up for that experience. My hamstrings feel like they want to snap. My sleep has been off and I feel the mental pull in many directions. My body is softer. I realize I’m not the only one with these feelings, but I’m putting them out there to challenge you to “be still” for a few minutes and tune into your life. We seem to celebrate tuning out with the “razzle dazzle” of life and put emphasis on “things”.  Are your things distracting you from your needs versus your desire? Can you edit something in your life to help with the flow? Do you have flow? It the great scheme of life what is essential to your happiness?  I cannot provide the answers.  I can provoke thought.  This is your challenge. Get still and reassess your plate spinning.

Coach Super Sabrina

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