We recently had the privilege to visit with the Tacoma Sunrise Rotary Club at the beautiful Glass Museum in Tacoma.  We were asked to speak to the members about our FIT process at Fleet Feet.  Our FIT process is unique, individualized, attentive and successful.  Whether a runner, walker, cross fit athlete or other athletic endeavor, we will help you find the best shoe for you.


Community outreach is very important to our core values.  Paul Morrison first opened Fleet Feet in Bonney Lake, followed closely by the Tacoma location.  His goal was the bring health and wellness to the community.  There is a need for people to be in proper footwear, as our biomechanics are different and may even be causing the individual pain.


Sabrina and Alia presented our fantastic FIT method to the group.  How does the FIT method work?  We first strike up a conversation to get a snapshot of the individual’s needs, current ailments and goals.  Continuing on with the conversation, the FIT process begins by first assessing the un-weighted foot.  After a few measurements, we will assess the foot by asking the customer to stand; this is called the weighted measurement.  This helps the associate to select a neutral or stability shoe.  We take into consideration arches, width and factors such as bunions.  The next step in the FIT process is to run or walk barefoot on the treadmill to get a better assessment of the foot-strike.  The associate will use an I-pad to video the gait and make assessments with the customer.  We will be looking at the gait it the foot pronates, is neutral or supinates.  The two feet can even be different.


We will then bring out a selection of shoes appropriate for the individual.  Our customers are welcome to take them for a test drive on the treadmill or down the block.  Comfort of the individual will ultimately make the final selection.   Our suggestions are guidelines. 


The FIT process at Fleet Feet is unique and guaranteed.  We want your feet to be happy, so we will work with you until you find the right shoe, and happily take back a shoe that didn’t work out.  Let’s get you FIT today! 

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