Fleet Feet Pete Visits Lowell Elementary

There is this amazing group of kids at Lowell Elementary who participate in a run club led by a fearless Doctor.  What are they up to and who is this superstar Doctor?  Dr. Brooke Coates is an excellent local Chiropractor who is also a passionate runner.  She loves giving back to the community.  Her vision was to create a run club for kids in elementary school and here is how she does it.


The kids meet before school for 30 minutes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for their run club.  Their challenge is to run around the track and earn tickets for each lap.  One lap around the track is a quarter of a mile, which is quite a feat for little legs!  Dr. Coates motivates the kids by letting them earn a bracelet for each 10k completed which is where the tickets come in.   The kids trade in their tickets for these motivating bracelets.  It’s likely that some kids have armfuls of these awards by now with all the motivation.  Dr. Coates has reported that the kids cumulated miles have gotten them the distance of Disneyland.  Their progress and dedication is outstanding.


Fleet Feet wanted to show their support to Dr. Coates and Lowell Elementary by having Fleet Feet Pete attend one of their run clubs.  Who is Fleet Feet Pete?  He is Fleet Feet’s mascot, or a giant red and white shoe.  The kids thought that Pete was a fun addition to their usual run club.  His guest appearance resulted in smiles, extra miles and fun pictures.  Fleet Feet Pete was pretty wiped out trying to keep up with these amazing athletes and hopes to come visit them again after he gets a little more training in. 

Thank you again Lowell Elementary and Dr. Coates for letting Pete try to keep up with you.  Keep up the fantastic work and we will be following your running progress. 

Dr. Brooke Coates


2627 North 21st St.

Tacoma WA  98406



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