How to Run in the Heat

How to Run in the Heat

By Coach Super Sabrina

Runners are generally type A personalities, not wavering much from their predetermined agenda.  The recent onslaught of heat may deter even the most avid runner from wanting to get out and still run!  What to do about the heat???   Don’t even tell me you’re considering skipping your run!  I have a few smart tactics to allow you to safely train through the summer heat.

  1. Plan ahead:  Pick a route that is a shady road or shady trail.  Try to get out a little earlier or later in the day when the heat isn’t as intense.  Remember, Sasquatch isn’t real so the trails are quite safe.
  2. Choose light colored, loose fitting clothing:  Tight clothing restricts the cooling process, while dark clothing absorbs the light and heat.  I’ve heard some crazy runners have been spotted wear a buff as a top.  I suppose running a marathon in 90 degrees is like Survivor. 
  3. Obey your thirst:  You shouldn’t overhydrate, but as usual drink to thirst.  Your thirst likely has gone up greatly compared to cooler winter months.  Go into your run hydrated.  Carry a small water bottle (my favorite is the Nathan Quick Shot) or plan to pass a drinking fountain.  Electrolytes may help.  Nuun tablets are a great source of electrolytes and vitamins, enhancing your water flavor without adding calories.  These are all non-alcoholic beverages FYI.
  4. Sunscreen:  Ward off that sunburn.  Wear a hat. I can’t however guarantee warding off obscure tan lines.  I myself have a permanent tan line from my speed shorts and tank tops.  I have no solutions for tan lines. 
  5. Slow Down:  The heat is not the time to push the pace.  Slow it up and feel free to incorporate walk breaks.  Nobody will judge you, if they do it is because they are watching you and not actually working out.  Basically they are jealous you are so fit and dedicated.  It is recommended to slow down about a second per degree over 60.  I personally don’t want to do the math, especially if it’s that hot….so just slow down!
  6. Feeling Horrible?  If you feel faint, light-headed, dizzy, you stopped perspiring or you are cold and clammy…please stop and get help.  This is why Coach insists you carry a cell phone.  Calling me personally isn’t helpful.  I suggest 911 or the nearest 711 for a slurpee.
 Don’t quit your running routine because of the heat just plan accordingly.  Unless you are training for the Badwater Ultramarathon, try your best to stay safe and cool out there!
Buff Top for running in the heat

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