It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

It doesn’t have to be perfect to work out.  It’s a wide open universe.

Ok.  I admit it.  I have perfectionist tendencies.  I read books on how to be imperfect.  I think my kids were gifts to teach me that concept.  Looking back on this weekend, my eyes were open to this lesson.

I was on a team to Race Direct the Tunnel Lite Marathon.  This is no easy feat with 2 kids, leading group training and private coaching at Fleet Feet, being the Pace Team Leader for the Maniacs, and coaching my girls’ cross country team. 

Race Directing involves A LOT of preparation, which for me included bringing my kids to the race….solo AND hauling a trailer.  The best of my planning was first challenged as I reached for my lunch, which was now spoiled.  It was now garbage.  I dug into the cooler for a half frozen burrito, which was supposed to be my dinner.  It takes extra planning for me to hit nutrition for a marathon due to food allergies, as I planned to run the marathon as well as race direct.  So, after watching kids jump on hotel room beds, counting out GU’s with my 7 year old, getting them burgers (I’m also vegan), prepping the race bibs and cross checking other items, I then had to face the fact that my dinner had already been eaten as lunch.  My breakfast protein bar then became dinner.  Breakfast was a few gluten free pretzels with almond butter and a chia kombucha.  Good enough.

Race set up.   Volunteer Coordination.  Packet Pickup.  Runners Start.  I had already packed bags for my kids as my team RD was driving them to the finish line to wait for me.  They waited 3 hours and 37 minutes for me to run down there and snag a Boston Qualifier! 

 My drop bag never made it out of my car, only my suitcase did.  Luckily there was a dress to change into, which made maneuvering interesting post BQ!  Race clean-up required some grace in a dress.  Hey, this girl’s got style!  HA!

 So, the lesson learned is that I got the end result that I had asked the universe for.  I put in the work and adjusted as needed.  Guess that’s the way life works, huh? I qualified for Boston by running a race I was race director for with my kids by my side.  Who would’ve thought...

 Don’t doubt yourself.  Don’t put limits on yourself, because if you do you will never go farther than that proverbial wall.  It’s not really there at all.  It’s a wide open universe.

 Coach Super Sabrina

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