Lesson Learned: Do not skip your workouts!

I definitely learned the hard way this week. Whatever you do…DO NOT skip your workouts! Why do I tell you this? Well, the NoBo group meets twice a week. On our off days we are expected to do other forms of activity to keep us active and allow our bodies to strengthen in areas we don’t focus on during running. I made the silly decision not to follow these instructions and I sure felt it on Saturday when we ran.

I met with NoBo Tuesday night as usual, felt great after running along highway 410 in Bonney Lake. Wednesday came along and I didn’t feel well. Thursday came along and I had plans. Friday came along and I flat out chose not to workout, and then came Saturday…and I tell you, I was struggling! I was at the back of the pack the entire run (which is nothing to be ashamed of, but it’s not my normal pace) and I was so fatigued. I was sweating more, my legs ached, my feet wanted to stop, and my lungs were going to burst. This was the first run I had done since NoBo started that has been a toughie. I believe it was due to my lack of activity between my runs. This was a huge lesson for me and I sure paid for my laziness. I would like to blame Netflix and my cozy couch for all of the aches and pains I faced on Saturday, but that would be an excuse. Even after my run I felt more pain in my knees and back than I had previous runs. Moral of the story…listen to your coach when he tells you this program only works if you follow his guidelines. Meaning, workout in-between training days and take care of yourself! I’ve never wanted to lay down in the middle of the trail, in the fetal position, more than I did during Saturday’s run. Good luck to everyone and please learn from my mistake!!

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