Meet Rachel: Our New Coach

I'm Rachel and I am thrilled to be your half or full marathon coach! This is my first coaching session and I am grateful to Fleet Feet Bonney Lake for the opportunity. My focus is to help you accomplish your overall goal of finishing your half or full marathon through training your mind and body, emphasizing nutrition, and practicing recovery techniques.
Each person arrives with their own goals, abilities, and challenges, and I am committed to support you through your journey.
I have always been involved in athletic activity - from tons of soccer in my younger years to off-and-on running as an adult. In the post 5 years, my running has become a daily habit (with rest days), and I'm completely hooked! Full disclosure, I do go through bouts of lack of motivation, but that's when I know it's time to try something new!
In the first couple years of consistent running, I had no goals other than logging miles and the occasional 5k. In January 2016, I decided I wanted more out of running so I signed up for my first half marathon. Training began and by April I had completed the Whidbey Island half (wow, what a hard one!!). The best part of it all was the constant encouragement not only from spectators, but from my fellow runners! 
Almost immediately after completing my first half, I decided to sign up for my first full marathon: the Portland Marathon. During training, I ran another half marathon (placing 4th), and participated in the Ragnar Cascades Trail Relay. The Portland Marathon was tough but rewarding!! I learned the value of proper nutrition and mental conditioning - especially in those last 6.2 miles! In the end, I was not only a finisher, but I had Boston Qualified!!
Through the last year I have learned a lot about myself as a runner and am excited by all I still have to learn. Even more, I love the running community I have become a part of - a community you have decided to join as well!!
We are in this together. By the time our session starts, I will have run 2 more half marathons and my first 50k! I have had successes and struggles, and I am happy to share both. Though our paces and circumstances will all be different, we all have the same end in mind: finishing 13.1 or 26.2 miles. Both distances are impressive and I hope you will be changed for the better by finishing! I can wait to help you through practice and cheer for you as you cross that finish line!!

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