Meet the Coach: Melissa LaFayette

Meet the Coach of Fleet Feet Bonney Lake's Need for Speed: Melissa Lafayette


How long have you been running?
I started while I was in college in Ellensburg. Turns out the freshman 15 is a real thing! Running was a good way to get exercise into my day and was a calm, relaxing time to be by myself. My first run was the 2007 Beat the Bridge 8K that I ran with my dad. I've been hooked ever since!

What do you love most about Coaching?
Coaching allows me to meet so many different people in our running community. It is inspiring to see people reaching a wide range of goals-- running a new distance, trying to better a time, or to have a great time running and enjoy the experience. 

If you had to describe Need for Speed in three words, what words would you pick?
It's better together!
Speed work is something that can easily be "forgotten" when you're running on your own. When you're with a group it makes it a more enjoyable experience, as well as giving you a little extra push. The accountability makes a huge difference.

What would you say to someone who has no idea what Need for Speed is?
This is a time where we work on different types of running which are designed to make you a faster and stronger runner, though it is built for runners of all paces. It is also not specifically geared toward runners of a certain distance. 
There are three different types of runs we will be doing: doing speed work on the track, using hills in neighborhoods to increase our strength, as well as running shorter, faster runs. We will also work on running form and strength exercises throughout the program as well. 

Why should people sign up for Need for Speed this Summer?
It's a great opportunity to come run with a fantastic group to learn different ways to reach your goals and become a stronger runner. It is a great time to challenge yourself and work on your own personal running goals! It is much more enjoyable to do challenging runs with a group, where
everyone is in the same boat as you. 

What are you looking forward to the most regarding the program?
I'm looking forward teaching you ways to make yourself a stronger runner and reaching your goals. 
What is your favorite workout to do to make yourself a stronger, faster runner?
My favorite is whatever I am doing with someone else. My competitive edge kicks in a little bit and I end up pushing myself more than if I were alone. Seriously though, if I had to choose a workout, I really enjoy doing hill repeats and ladders on the track though. Challenging, but satisfying (after I'm done).


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