Mirage 3 Review - Liz found her strong!

Normally, the idea of wearing a more minimal running shoe while on my feet for eight hours sounds terrible to me! Yet, I was pleasantly surprised when I ended up wearing the new Mirage ProGrid 3 all day during Saucony Saturday. While I wish I could have given these shoes a test run, their ability to remain comfortable and flexible all day was a good omen for their capability on longer runs. The flexibility and responsiveness of the forefoot revealed itself during demonstrations of Trigger Point and helping customers through the FIT process, both of which have me springing up and down from the floor. Shifting weight and quickly changing positions were well accommodated by the Mirage 3’s responsive forefoot. However, what really impressed me, something I've yet to find in more minimal shoes, was that the Mirage 3 offered more of the cushion and the secure fit of a traditional trainer while still being impressively lightweight. Even after working eight hours in the Mirage 3, my feet were happy and I was still dying to take them out for a test run!  

Fleet Feet Shoe Review by Liz Casey Fleet Feet Tacoma 

Saucony Saturday, February 2 at our Bonney Lake Store from 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

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