NoBo First Practice: Boy, Did I Learn A Lot!

It's me again!

Wow! February 3rd already passed and that means the No Boundaries training group has officially started! 

This group is going to be amazing. We have only ran once together and I feel like I've learned so much in that session.

Our first work out was a combo of walking and running (or light jogging) and it went smashingly. We stayed together as a group and our coach even made us laugh while we were trudging through the Walmart parking lot. We discussed good-form running and the benefits of that. I learned that running on the mid-foot and keeping my feet underneath me, as opposed to in front of me, benefits me in so many ways. One of those benefits is shock absorbance. If I bend my knees, strike on my mid-foot instead of my heel, and keep my feet underneath me, there is less resistance within my stride and more bounce. This bounce takes the pressure off my joints. I don't know about you guys, but any physical activity I do seemingly ends in tight muscles and painful joints. I feel every hit in my knees and my back. Then, of course, I don't want to continue running because my body hurts while I do it. Why would I force myself to go through that? Well, now that I've learned how to help with that pain it makes running and other activities easier to deal with. 

Another awesome tip I received from the NoBo coach was using a foam roller. This simple hunk of foam makes me jump for joy. Why? Because my legs are no longer so tight that I can't manage to jump! Massaging out the quads, calves, and achilles area makes my world go round! I usually have knee pain, which is caused from tight IT bands (the band that runs down the side of the thighs) and I can now prevent this just by rolling my thighs along a foam roller. Doing this is painful, not gonna lie, but it ultimately helps. It's like getting a neck massage and working out the stress kinks. I'm so thankful for these tips and tricks. It's making me believe that I can do this 5k program! Getting over the pain, and the excuses of pain, is one thing I can check off my running worries. I'm one step closer to getting on track with my healthier life style!

Talk to ya soon!

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