My First 5k Journey

Hello Readers!

My name is Katie and I'm writing to you because I'm joining No Boundaries (NoBo), a Fleet Feet Sports training program. This is a couch to 5k program that begins in February. I'm excited to share with you my experiences before, during, and after my No Boundaries journey. I would classify myself as a "non-runner" meaning the last time I ran was about 8 years ago. I also participate in very little physical activity.  The last time I was in a gym was about 2 years ago. For these reasons I signed up for NoBo. I'm 23 years old and need a healthier lifestyle.

I'm anticipating fun, difficulty, support, tired muscles, and a lot of sweat! I'm excited and nervous because I know it's going to be a ton of work. I look forward to gaining knowledge that I can use in the future years and share with my friends and family. I need help understanding nutrition and incorporating activities into my life. Having an active lifestyle is a behavior and mental challenge for me and I hope to overcome those challenges through NoBo. I'm also anticipating an awesome training group and coach! I know they will all be fun and supportive individuals who can relate to the struggles I face on a daily basis with food and exercise. I can't wait to be a part of something so wonderful and inspiring. 

I look forward to updating you all on my progress, the good, the bad, and the ugly (hopefully more of the good!)

Thanks for reading :)

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