Racing Against the Clock

Racing Against the Clock


If you didn’t already know, I have 2 kids and my spouse travels A LOT, which means I am solo a majority of the time. So, the question I’m often asked is how do I do it all? My personality is intense, friendly and goal oriented. The past 12 months have been a ride as I took on the role as Director of Training Programs for Fleet Feet Tacoma and Bonney Lake, became the Pace Team Leader for my beloved Marathon Maniacs and Half Fanatics, coached my girls cross country team and helped Race Direct the Tunnel Lite Marathon. That’s just work. I also maintain weekly mileage around 60-70+ per week and Paddle Board or hit the gym.

Racing against the clock. That’s what I do in my life. I wake up at 5am to change over and fold a load of laundry, pack healthy lunches and unload the dishwasher. I wake my nuggets and get them ready for school. They are in private school so I am the “bus driver”. We are never late! After drop off I am off and running and paddling or hitting the gym if I can. I roll into work and knock off as much as I can with my eye on the clock for school pickup. When I first started working I noted that everyone was spinning plates, well I welcome myself to the club! I talk to myself a lot. Maybe there’s a song on repeat in my head or a fire under my rear. Stuff just has to get done!


Kids throw a fun wrench into life because if you think you know how it’s going to go, well throw that out the window and be ready to adjust on the fly. That skill has flowed into my Coaching style…so you can thank my kids! I break up fights, give emotional coaching, and monitor their school stuff. I feed them more healthy food after shcool, help with homework, reading, piano, talking, showers and a race them to bed where I get to give lots of snuggles. By then I’m toast and usually pass out with them, only to anticipate the 5am wake up call for another round! When they were little I wrote love notes, left the tv on and food for them to grab once they rolled out of their warm beds when I was running. I loved being greeted by happy rested kids when I made my way back home.


We all have plates to spin, it’s just what life is.. If I didn’t run I couldn’t keep up with myself or beat the clock. It’s my time to reset and it’s my place of solace and meditation. I’m the one who will squeeze everything I can out of life with a smile. I’m here and alive. Bring it on!


Coach Super Sabrina "SS"

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