Speed Training Success Story

Dear Fleet Feet Sports,
I just completed your “Need for Speed” training series with Coach Sabrina (along with assistant Coach Garrett), and wanted to share my experience.  
I had fallen into a pace-rut.  I was training and racing at the same speed, and although I could go and go and go – I just didn’t feel like I was moving out as fast as I could.   Sabrina’s system of focused, progressive speed and hill workouts over an 8-week period absolutely did the trick for me.  I was perfectly challenged and picked up valuable form and bio-mechanical instruction that has taken my running up a notch.  Plus the strength and core workouts at the end of each session were great.
On top of her knowledge, Sabrina has a coaching style that is exceedingly personal, inclusive and fun.  I was impressed with how she handled the entire program and will be watching for her next training series.
Great work on this program!
Run Happy-




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