Spring Training Programs Recap!

It’s time for a recap of our awesome Fleet Feet training groups.  They just nailed their goal 5k, half or full marathon May 4th.  Who would think that just by starting a running or walking regime with our Fleet Feet training group that so many lives would change.  We all had the opportunity to celebrate the achievements with our athletes at their post race parties.

Just for a taste…here’s what went down.  The 5k NoBoundaries or NoBo group spent 10 weeks training for the Tacoma City 5k.  Vast improvements were made with health, fitness and vitality.  Several of the participants are so amped up by their progress the are joining Fleet Feet’s next training session called Need for Speed starting June 5th.  I anticipate vast improvements as our training program is set up as a continuum.  Our NoBo’s will be coming back for Fleet Feet’s expert race training program starting in the end of September.  The goal race is Santa Runs Tacoma 10k or Half Marathon December 14th.

 The Half and Full Marathon Training Program spent 16 weeks building mileage to conquer their long distance events on May 4th.   It takes guts, commitment and hard work to be a distance runner.  For some, this was their first long distance running adventure.  They may have started out nervous and uncertain of their abilities, but by the end the athletes were more than prepared to physically and mentally take on the life changing challenge of a half or full marathon.   We will see most of them back for our Need for Speed training as well, where the focus is on getting their bodies ready to run their fall event. 

Here is a note from a participant regarding Fleet Feet’s training program:

“I’ve been living in Tacoma for almost two years and before I started your running group, Tacoma didn’t feel beautiful to me.  Thanks to the community that you foster through your extraordinary insight and encouragement, Tacoma feels beautiful in countless ways.  You’ve become such an incredible inspiration for me.  I am so grateful for the dedication you show to all of us”

The proof is in the amazing success of our Fleet Feet athletes.  We look forward to having you join us in our next training session or when you need new fitness gear.  Heck!  Just come in to say hi and tell us about your running or walking adventures.  That first step leads to a whole new world.  See you soon!

 Coach Sabrina

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