The Nom Down: Cowboy Caviar

By Miya Mata

In my down time you can find me in front of a Netflix series with a pile of variety puzzle books planted at my side or with a laptop on my lap scrolling through fitness regimens or my favorite, new food recipes. My happiness revolves around food and as long as my tummy is happy, I am definitely a happy camper. One day I was scrolling through my Pinterest dashboard and I came across this recipe called “Cowboy Caviar” and with that type of name, I had to try it.



I recommend this recipe because not only is it healthy and easy, but you can fit it to your own liking. For example, I prefer to use pinto and black beans. You may like black-eyed peas better or only want to use black beans. My boyfriend despises tomatoes and I am not a huge fan of jalapenos, so I actually split our Cowboy Caviar into two mixing bowls and added tomatoes to mine and jalapenos to his. Personally I enjoy having recipes on hand to use as a guide line, but prefer to do my own spins on them. The recipe below is a mix of an actual recipe online and my own merged into one.

As far as the taste, I absolutely LOVE this recipe. The crunch of the bell peppers, the sweetness and tanginess of the dressing, the saltiness of the chip, it all combines so well! My advice is to make it on a day that you have an hour to spare because the chopping can become quite a time consumer! Guys, if you are looking for a healthy and yummy snack for the week, give this one a try! It is a great one to pack away into your lunch box or one to eat between meals instead of snacking on processed and unhealthy foods.



Caviar Ingredients:

*Side note: Dice your vegetables according to how you prefer to eat them. I prefer a smaller bite, so I tend to dice my vegetables into smaller pieces.

Dressing Ingredients:

*Side note: Don’t be afraid if the dressing tastes a tad tangy, the acidity will bring out the flavors contained in the other ingredients.


  1. Mix dressing ingredients into a small mixing bowl and set aside
  2. After dicing, opening, rinsing, and draining the caviar ingredients, place them all into a large mixing bowl.
  3. Mix the ingredients until they are thoroughly combined
  4. Pour the dressing evenly over the large mixing bowl and stir until everything is coated
  5. Place the mixing bowl into the refrigerator to chill for 20-30 minutes
  6. Pull out your bag of chips and enjoy!


It is such a simple and fantastic recipe, even the worst cook couldn’t mess it up. I hope you guys enjoy!

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