This Mom Can Run ..... and Push A Stroller Too!

Jenn's Stroller Mom Story

I am no longer stuck in a solo runner rut thanks to Fleet Feet Tacoma and the Stroller Running group! Not that there is anything wrong with running solo, I love it and find it much easier to focus on my own running goals, pace, and mental strength when running alone.

But, as a stay at home Mom with a 22 month old as my running buddy, with few opportunities to run with my friends or other adults I was losing my desire and enthusiasm for running.

That all changed with one phone call to Janna at Fleet Feet to inquire about joining the stroller running group. Little did I know that by the end of the conversation I would end up reluctantly coordinating the stroller group. I was a little scared that I wouldn't know what to do, would do it wrong, that I would be the only runner to show up, and a bit uncertain about my ability as a runner to lead a group of runners.

Thanks to Janna's guidance and the amazing support from Fleet Feet Sports Tacoma we now have a thriving stroller group of runners and walkers. I look forward to my group run every week and have met some amazing ladies that cover the entire running spectrum. From first time runners, to veteran racers to everything in between. And, the best part is it's not about any individual person's goals or pace, we run together as a group. We get each other up the hills and offer support when legs are tired or someone is having an off day. The bonus is getting parenting advice and tips for 3 miles!

Personally it has built my confidence as a runner and the privilege of coordinating the group has reminded me that while the most important job I have is Mom I'm a multi-faceted person with a variety of interests.

Thank you to Fleet Feet Sports, and Janna, for giving us Stay At Home Mom's a healthy opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy the company of some pretty amazing runners and parents in our community.

More information on our Stroller Mom Run/Walk Groups Click Here

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