Fleet Feet Run Club and Group Runs

Fleet Feet Run Club (FFRC)

in Bonney Lake and Tacoma

Building our community through running and walking! Each week we host 4 Group Run/Walks throughout the South Sound where anyone can come run/walk for free in an encouraging and safe environment. Members of Fleet Feet Run Club (FFRC) additionally get discounts on local races and training groups, participate in fun running/walking contests for prizes, and share their love for running/walking at the Group Runs and FFRC socials. Keep an eye out for our FFRC members at local races and running events. We’ll be the people in the enthusiastically bright yellow running shirts!

For more information on member benefits and responsibilities follow the Fleet Feet Run Club link.

 To sign-up for Fleet Feet Run Club, head to Fleet Feet Run Club registration on the DataBarEvents.com website.

Hosting Group Runs throughout the South Sound since 2004

In partnership with the Fleet Feet Bonney Lake and Tacoma stores, our FFRC Presidents and Group Run Leads organize weekly community runs throughout the South Sound. Our runs range from 3 – 10 miles, occur in both the mornings and evenings, week days and weekends, and are accessible to runners/walkers of all paces.

Follow the Group Run/Walks in the South Sound link to find out more about our runs in Bonney Lake, Puyallup, and Tacoma.


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