Coach Scott Cochran
Bonney Lake Location

I am Scott I’ve been Head Coach for the No Boundaries program for 3 years now.  I am married with 3 kids at least one of which will hit the trails with us every now and again.  I started running in 1990 when a guy in a Drill Sargent hat said RUN, RUN, RUN and some other choice words(GO ARMY).  After 12 years in the Army I transitioned to civilian life where I swore to NEVER RUN AGAIN.  I hated running in the service it hurt, I couldn’t breathe, and I was always injured.  After a 6 year break of gluttony and sloth a TV show called the Biggest Loser got me off the couch and into a program called No Boundaries.  In my first year back I digested ever thing I could about “how to run”.  I learned to enjoy running with consistent form, high cadence, mid foot running.  I am not fast but I always finish.  Since No Boundaries I’ve managed to run some several marathons, half marathons, and countless 12k’s, 10k’s, 5k’s and triathlons.  I recently got my Road Runners Club of America coaching certification and can honestly say I love to coach and I love to run.  The only reason No Boundaries won’t change your life is if you don’t want to change. See you on the trails


Mentor/Assistant Coach
Bonney Lake Location

I am Laurie and I am one of the Mentors/Assistant Coach for the No Boundaries program.  This is my 2nd No Boundaries group as a Mentor.  I spent 12 years in the Navy and am now a teacher in the Federal Way School District.  I became interested in running for more than military reasons while I was looking for something interesting to do for my birthday 5 years ago.  I decided to run the Disneyland Half Marathon - I had so much fun that I ran another half marathon 6 weeks later!  Since then I've run four more half marathons, earned my Half Fanatic status (2 races in 2 weeks), and have finished multiple 5Ks and 10Ks (two in Great Britain!), as well as several triathlons, duathlons, and aquathons in the local area.  I first learned of the No Boundaries program while working at Fleet Feet Bonney Lake and I love the support that you get while you train for your first 5K.  Running changes everything!

Mentor - Tiffany Rucshner
Bonney Lake Location

I am a spring 2012 No Boundaries graduate!  When I first started the program, I did it because I felt like it was time to start practicing what I preach to my kids.  It was time for me to get off the couch and set the example that exercise should be a normal part of our daily lives.  At the informational meeting, I was scared.  Run 2 minutes; are you kidding me?  Coach Scott Cochran said to everyone that if we did the scheduled run/walks and we did the scheduled workouts, the program would be life changing.  I chuckled.  It was such a cliché!  My original goal was just to walk/run and finish the race.  I didn’t care about my time, or how I did in comparison to everyone else; after all, I was only racing against myself, right?  After many run/walks, I discovered something about myself:  I could be a runner!  Who knew?  Certainly not me!  Just over half way through the program, I moved from the walk/run group to the run group.  At that first run, I would have to say my life was changed…so cliché!  I not only finished my first 5K, I RAN the whole thing!

No Boundaries has changed my life.  The mentors were such an instrumental part of my success.  They were there to encourage me and believe in me when I didn’t believe in myself.  I met some great people along the way, one of which I’ve become friends with and still run with, a running buddy if you will.  I want to be a mentor so I can motivate and encourage others to be their best selves.  I want to help people change their lives!

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