Goals Form


Please fill out the goals form prior to the first group run. Note: The goals form are for those currently enrolled in training programs or who have made arrangements to try the program prior to registration close. 

Please select one. If there is a possibility that you want to move into a different group as your training progresses (ex. from 10k to Half Marathon) please indicate so in the Extras box below.
Let us know! Do you want to set a new personal record for a 10k? Do you want to get faster? Is it to learn to love running long term? Or to simply finish a 5k, 10k or half marathon? Don not be shy! Get deep! Ex. You want to learn to create healthier, long term habits!
What has prevented you from training or accomplishing your goals in the past? Has it been time commitment? Nerves? This is important to know so we can help you over come obstacles and assist you. Note: Please list injuries in the next text area below.
List it all! From lower back to shoulder issues. Allergies too! If you do not have injury please put NA
Tell me more about yourself. What do you do for fun or YOU outside of training programs? Also please take the time to tell us anything else you think we might need to know to help you succeed in training.
Your One on One session allows your Coach, Program Director or Training Group Coordinator to get to know you, your needs and what we need to do to help you most during training. Your session also provides you to the opportunity to use your one-time discount towards your purchase. During our session we will review: a gait and biomechanics analysis, training schedule, stretches, additional exercises you specifically might need and more. Please select a time that works for you.

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